The Summer of Social Media
A Chronicle of Comm 4701, "Integrating Social Media," University of Denver, Summer Quarter 2010

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Week 9 Guest Lecturer: Capstone Writers

August 10, 2010

This week, our guest lecture and discussion segment comprised review of DU students’ capstones, all focusing on social media: “The Role of Social Media and the Need for Specialized Marketing Companies in the Non-profit Sector,” by Alison Smith. After competing her degree in June 2010, Alison joined the environmental organization One Change as Regional Manager – […]

Week 8 Guest Lecturer: Jason Falls

August 8, 2010

This week’s theme was measuring social media. Here’s one indisputable measurement: AdAge’s Power 150, ranking the top English-language marketing blogs in the world. Our guest lecturer resides in the top 20 of that esteemed list, Jason Falls, author of Social Media Explorer. In his online lecture and asynchronous discussion, Jason outlined the potential accomplishments of […]

Week 7 Guest Lecturer: Marc Trachtenberg

August 5, 2010

Social media may seem like one big free-for-all. In truth, ethics, risks and regulations figure heavily in its use, especially for companies interacting with their customers. To learn about these potential pitfalls we turned to an attorney, Marc Trachtenberg, associate in the Chicago office of international law firm Winston & Strawn LLP. Marc specializes in […]

Week 6 Guest Lecturer: Eric Anderson

July 23, 2010

“Evolve or Die.” At least we have a choice, per Eric Anderson.  Our guest lecturer for Week 6 is principal of SE2, a Colorado-based mass communications firm focused on public issues, policy and social marketing. Prior to co-founding the firm in 1997, Eric was a staff writer for The Denver Post, where he covered Colorado […]

Week 5 Guest Lecturer: David Chao

July 14, 2010

“Chaos.” Most people disdain the state. David Chao built it into his company’s name: CBD Management–Chaos By Design–a consulting firm specializing in business strategy, marketing and branding, and product and technology management for start-up and midsize companies. David’s lecture focused on social bookmarking, websites used to share, organize, search and manage bookmarks of web resources. […]

Week 4 Guest Lecturer: Talia Davis

July 5, 2010

Our guest lecturer this week, Talia Davis, has a rich background in teaching and communication–skills that were most evident in her excellent presentation and discussion on social media. She is the daughter, niece, granddaughter and great-grandaughter of rabbis (Hebrew for “teacher”) and a dance/theater major who has taught theater arts to numerous children. She is […]

Week 3 Guest Lecturers: Bernie Fischer and Allan Talusan

June 27, 2010

This week, we had a guest lecturer team: Bernie Fischer and Allan Talusan. Bernie is the former Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Media NewsGroup, owner of The Denver Post and other daily newspapers around the country. Bernie graduated University College in 2009 with a master’s in Applied Communication, public relations and marketing specialty. She […]

Week 2 Guest Lecturer: Cathy McCall

June 21, 2010

There’s a line used in action films to describe a particular character who has incredible skills: “He’s forgotten more things about (fill in the blank) than you’ll ever know!” That bit of snappy dialog applies to our week 2 guest lecturer, author/consultant Cathy McCall, a person who’s forgotten more things about social media than we’ll ever […]

Week 1 Guest Lecturer: Tamar Weinberg

June 21, 2010

Our online lecturer for the week was Tamar Weinberg, author of our class’ textbook, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web. Tamar is an Internet marketing consultant and manages community support and advertising for Mashable, the authoritative site on social media. Her blog is Techipedia, which includes a post for the ages (literally), […]