The Summer of Social Media
A Chronicle of Comm 4701, "Integrating Social Media," University of Denver, Summer Quarter 2010

Week 9 Guest Lecturer: Capstone Writers

This week, our guest lecture and discussion segment comprised review of DU students’ capstones, all focusing on social media:

“The Role of Social Media and the Need for Specialized Marketing Companies in the Non-profit Sector,” by Alison Smith. After competing her degree in June 2010, Alison joined the environmental organization One Change as Regional Manager – Toronto. She choose her capstone topic after realizing there was a lack of resources available for non-profit organizations in Toronto looking to expand into social media marketing.

“Developing Micro-Niche Messages for Digital Marketing,” by Lisa Jorgensen. Since graduation, Lisa has been preparing to take the GMAT and apply to PhD programs while waiting for classes for a web development certification to start this fall. Her Capstone topic stemmed from her interest in learning if/how companies were changing their marketing plans and messages to integrate social media.

“Evaluating Social Media and Inbound Marketing Success for Content Delivery Companies,” by Talia Davis. At Patheos, Talia directed the Jewish Portal, managed the online community for the site as a whole, and assisted in the development of the public relations strategy. Talia choose her capstone topics because her job focused day-to-day on the difficulties of measurement and pleasing a boss without a Facebook page.

“Does Not Play Well With Others: Why Participation Organizations Cannot Avoid, and Must Engage In, Social Media Practice,” by Chase Squires. After 19 years in newspaper and wire reporting, Chase took a job at DU in public relations. Working in the department, he became interested in the new ways of connecting with news reporters, new influencers and writers. His conclusion: social media has reached a point where organizations have no choice but to participate, even if that just means listening.

“The Importance of Integrating Social Media into the Marketing Mix,” by Brooke Bennett. Brooke is currently pursuing her Master’s in Professional Studies in Organizational and Professional Communications. She has recently been interviewing with Denver area agencies with the intent of working in PR/Marketing and social media. Brooke chose her capstone topic because of her interest in social media and strong beliefs that a successful campaign needs social media integrated into businesses marketing plans.


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