The Summer of Social Media
A Chronicle of Comm 4701, "Integrating Social Media," University of Denver, Summer Quarter 2010

Week 2 Guest Lecturer: Cathy McCall

There’s a line used in action films to describe a particular character who has incredible skills: “He’s forgotten more things about (fill in the blank) than you’ll ever know!” That bit of snappy dialog applies to our week 2 guest lecturer, author/consultant Cathy McCall, a person who’s forgotten more things about social media than we’ll ever know. In truth, it doesn’t seem Cathy has forgotten anything. What’s more, she’s always growing her knowledge and always sharing (as we can attest from her guest lecture in our previous class with Lora Louise, “Internet Marketing Communications.”)

In her online presentation, “Defining Strategy and Goals,” Cathy showed how marketing planning and measurement can and must be applied to social media. In her Q&A with the class, she went into greater detail about the social media planning process and ways to measure ROI. When it comes to social media, may we never forget Cathy McCall and her valuable lessons.


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