The Summer of Social Media
A Chronicle of Comm 4701, "Integrating Social Media," University of Denver, Summer Quarter 2010

Week 2 Assignment: Strategy Portion, Social Media Plan

This week’s assignment: select companies to be case subjects for the 10-week course and write the strategy component of the social media plans for our chosen companies. And yes, Sun Tzu and The Art of War came up in the week’s discussions, hence his image in this post.

Lora Louise provided us with a detailed outline of what the strategy section should contain along with a list of resource articles (all of which are bound to end up on our Delicious bookmark page–see link in sidebar to the right). Much of this section is meant to follow a traditional marketing plan in defining target markets, outlining company goals, and creating a SWOT analysis. Our subject companies’ current social media usage and typical social media usage among target market members are also part of this strategy section.

As the legendary Chinese general said: “All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.”


2 Responses to “Week 2 Assignment: Strategy Portion, Social Media Plan”

  1. Good stuff. It will be interesting to follow a blog on our class. All kinds of fun things could pop up here! Thanks

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